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On May 18, 1967, at the Second National Convention of the Philippine Society of Anesthesiologists (PSA) held in Manila, the PSA Constitution was amended to allow the creation of an independent body that would certify specialists in the art and science of Anesthesiologists. This specialist would be known as a "Fellow" of the Philippine Board of Anesthesiology (PBA).

On August 27, 1967, the PSA Board approved the Constitution and By-Laws of the PBA. On October 5, 1967 the Civil Service Commission of the Philippines recognized the PBA as the sole certifying body for Anesthesiologists specialists in the country.

The original members of the Board of Governors were: Magpuri Bataclan, Leticia Salas-Curtin, Jose C. Denoga, Paz Y. Fores, Mariano S. Geronimo, Quintin J. Gomez and Julia V. Presbitero who are the recognized seven pioneers of modern Anesthesiologists in the Philippines.

In 1969, 45 PSA members became the first certified specialists and received the title of "Fellow" PBA. They were listed in the directory of Medical Specialists in the Philippines as "Fellows".

The title "Fellow" was eventually changed to "Diplomate" as ratified by the PBA general membership on March 24, 1982 at the Lung Center of the Philippines. This change led to an amendment of the Constitution and By-Laws of the PBA that was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on June 16,1982.

Under the leadership of Dr. Manuel V. Silao, the 1982 Board upgraded the Residency Training Program in Anesthesiologists to three years. This change was reflected in a revision of the PBA By-Laws. The SEC approved this revision on September 22, 1989.